CIQABook: Total Heathcare Connection

CIQABook is designed to connect all healthcare sectors, supporting the discovery of new pharmaceutical products and innovation in medical devices technologies that emphasize the integration of wireless wearable sensors with human and biological interfaces.

CIQABook Scope

CIQABOOK is designed to serve all healthcare sectors such as: • patients • doctors, • nurses, • pharmacies, • laboratories, • hospitals, • health insurance, • pharmaceutical companies and • public health government agencies.
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CIQABook is the most innovative software application (SaaS) designed to consolidate all healthcare systems needs and functionalities required by: patients, health providers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, laboratories, health insurance entities, manufacturers and healthcare government agencies.  It shall combine the global language of healthcare in one single technology application and one payer to be more fast, effective and efficient to bring healthcare services, medicines and treatments to sick people at affordable prices using precision medicine and preventive medicine.  Also, this technology shall reduce the direct government healthcare cost and indirect administrative healthcare cost in millions of dollars.  For the first time, a single (SaaS) technology shall manage:
(a) clinical decision-making support systems,
(b) symptom science, smartphone-based device provides rapid diagnosis at low cost,
(c) telehomecare (THC), in-home treatment monitoring,
(d) medical diagnosis and treatment at the “point-of-care”,
(e) medical image improvement through advanced methodologies,
(f) next-generation intelligent image and data analysis tools,
(g) innovation in wearable sensors gather mobile health data to enable treatment, mobile health,
(h) telehealth and teleconsultations,
(i) remote patient monitoring (RPM),
(j) intraoperative monitoring (IOM), etc.

CIQABook shall synchronize all patient’s healthcare activities in just one place: physician’s encounters, schedules, authorizations, orders, prescriptions, treatments, pay deducible money, monitoring and controls from an easy one payer software application easy to implement. Moreover, it shall bring fast and easy access to the best healthcare hospitals, clinics, specialists, medicines, treatments, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. to decrease the mortality rate in people who have all kind of socioeconomic disadvantages, communication impairments and other conditions, disorders or limitations.

It is focused in the disease prevention and health promotion; addresses special DNA biomedical and behavioral problems, including patients with: hearing, speech, language and others limitations. But, also to simplify and accelerate the patient’s visits to the best physicians, specialists, laboratories, hospitals, treatments and medicines.
This innovative application technology shall be predictive, pre-emptive, and preventative focused to bring personalized care accessible to all communities with machine learning and artificial intelligence to help individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers better understand and manage their illness and improve their health behaviors. 

This technology will change significantly the way that new treatments and cures for catastrophic diseases are investigated and developed.  In addition, it shall provide un-precedent access to health services to all patients, anytime, anywhere and from any device, regardless of what language they speak, read or hear.
This technology shall reduce significantly the actual costs of the healthcare system of 1.2 Trillion dollars annually and roadblocks of the health insurance companies, its delays and complexity.

CIQABook aims to serve million of unattended patients with chronic diseases, including disability persons, including: hearing, speaking, language and many other limitations.  Moreover, we aim to target the following individual objectives: 

  1. Mobile health tools for improved adherence to treatment.
  2. Effective strategies that incorporate mobile health tools to improve patient-provider communications.
  3. Mobile health tools for effective self-management.
  4. Technologies that incorporate interventions for adherence and self-management strategies.
  5. Mobile health technologies or tools in underserved populations.
  6. Portable imaging technologies for monitoring health and as part of point-of-care diagnosis and treatment.
  7. Enhance the visualization and psychophysical understanding of complicated health information on mobile devices with the local cultural context.
  8. Support systems to provide guidance and a framework for shared decision-making with medical professionals based on best available evidence.
  9. Networked, citizen-driven approaches to engaging and retaining people in improving their health.
  10. Incorporates telemetry and remote access in the acquisition, analysis and monitoring of biomedical data.
  11. Develop software tools for telehealth technology and studies that have broad applications or are in specific focus areas.
  12. Implement system security, HIPPA Compliance certifications, Cloud configuration, supporting the Cybersecurity requirements and others,

As per, only a minority of 5% of the worldwide population have perfect health.  About 300 diseases and conditions and more than 2,300 disease-related consequences, in people in 188 countries.  Therefore, 312 million people should experience some kind of sick or should be potentially impacted or shall need an healthcare application service (as CIQABook) from the total population of 328 million estimated on year 2019, as per

Moreover, in FY 2020, over 145 million Americans will rely on the Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  It is estimated that more than 46 million people in the United States suffer some form of disordered communication that affect their capacity to receive healthcare services.  By 2013, more than 44 million people lacked of health insurance coverage.  The USA healthcare budget of 1.2 trillion dollars is by far the most elevated one in the world compared with all other countries due to the following problems:

  • Dysfunctional healthcare market with many payers and disperse information in too many places.
  • The high cost of medicines and health services administration
  • High co-payments, cost sharing and deductibles:
  • Misuse of health services.
  • Multiple Medical Codification
  • Fraud to insurance companies
  • The R&D of new products is very expensive and takes a lot of time.
  • The R&D centers do not have the necessary knowledge and medical information.
  • The current healthcare system is not designed for people with disorders or limitations related to their medical conditions as: hearing, speech, language, and many other physical or mental disadvantages.

This technology aims to differentiate for all other applications in the management and delivery of healthcare information digitally for the analysis or monitoring of health and  disease status.  The emphasis is on developing mobile health technologies driven by clinical needs and integrating these technologies in healthcare delivery, wellness and daily living.

Key Technology Differentiators:

  • Predictive: New digital technologies that automatically capture medical and health information to proactively diagnose, manage, and/or deliver preventive and therapeutic care
  • Pre-emptive: designing interconnected, intelligent solutions with the purpose to improve the health of every person.
  • Preventative: mobile and home-based devices monitor vital signs and activities in real time and communicate with personal health record services, computers, tablets and smartphones of the caregivers and healthcare professionals.
  • Personalized care accessible to all communities
  • Machine learning: smarter health systems that continually analyze information from multiple devices and other sources to derive insights and recommendations for the individual’s health needs.
  • Artificial intelligence: analytics programs that monitor mobile device data and use rules and logic to compare against targets, track progress, and send alerts

We develop and validate healthcare softwares as a service applications (SaaS) using modern programming technologies to help not only sick people, but, also: doctors, nurses, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals, manufacturers, public health government agencies, etc. Moreover, we bring unprecedented access to the best health services; anytime, anywhere and from any device, regardless of what language they speak, read or hear.

• Manage all appointments and visits to the best doctors.
• One single payer to reduce administrative tasks & costs.
• Automatic authorizations of orders, prescriptions, etc.
• Global electronic medical record for precision medicine.
• Laboratory orders management.
• Hospital’s activities and follow-up management..
• Prevent human errors and situations of malpractice.
• Nursing and caregivers assistance.
• Continuous remote monitoring of patient conditions.
• Personalized medicine based on the patient’s DNA.
• Emergency 911 notifications

Since 1996, Computer Integration of Quality Assurance Inc. (CIQA) conducts pharmaceutical validation engineering and medical technology research related to make health application technologies for disease prevention and health promotion; addresses special biomedical and behavioral problems. 

As a critical industry supplier, CIQA has been serving over one (100) hundred multinational pharmaceutical/medical devices companies and hospitals such as: Johnson and Johnson shared services, Janssen, Ortho Biologics, McNeil, Ethicon, Cordis, LifeScan, Eli Lilly, Baxter, Abbott, Pfizer, Stryker, Zimmer, Fenwal, Integra, Medtronic, Covidient, Abbie, Hospital San Lucas, etc. 

At this moment, CIQA aims to create the most advanced and complete healthcare application to help sick people using modern programming technologies and solutions which substitute for lost and impaired sensory, communication function, language limitations or other disadvantages. 

With emphasis on innovation, it incorporates advanced software application technologies for each health sector with functionalities for patients with: hearing, speech, language and others limitations to bring access to health care products and services faster and more affordable.

 DUNS Registration
 SAM / NCAGE Registration
 eRA Commons and registration
 SBIR Small Business Registration
 HubZone re-certification in-process
 Critical Industry Supplier Certification.
 Industrial Tax Exemption Decree Certification
 Puerto Rico Registered Trademark.
 USPTO Registered.
 NAIC: 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
 NAIC: 511210 Software Publishers
 NAIC: 611420 Computer Training
 NAIC: 541715 R&D Physical, Engineering, Life Sciences
 NAIC: 923120 Administration of Public Health Programs

the most powerful health Applications for:

CIQABook Video

TOTAL INTEGRATION OF PATIENT’S HEALTHCARE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS IN JUST ONE SOFTWARE APPLICATION.  Simplify and accelerate the patient’s visits to the best physicians, specialists, laboratories, hospitals, treatments and medicaments.
Minimize the high costs and roadblocks of the health insurance companies, its delays and complexity.
Synchronize all patient’s healthcare activities in just one place: physician’s encounters, schedules, authorizations, orders, prescriptions, treatments, pay deducible money, monitoring and controls from an easy software application, free of charge and easy to implement.  Fast and easy access to the best healthcare hospitals, clinics, specialists, medicines, treatments, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.
 Immediate Response:  24 hours / 7 days / 365 days.
 History Logs & Trends: More visibility & monitoring of the patient’s conditions to prevent & minimize any potential & preventable human errors.
 Continuous Monitoring:
 Make appointments with the best doctors.
 Obtain the more suitable medicines at affordable prices.
 Obtain the best services in Clinical, Images Labs at affordable prices.
 Obtain the best Health Insurance Plan personalized for the patient needs.
 Obtain the best access to Emergency rooms and hospitals at affordable prices.
 Make the best use of the government healthcare services based on the patient needs.
For more information read CIQA Patient Brochure

CIQABook Video
CIQABook is the most advanced software application designed to help doctors, nurses and healthcare providers.  Now, all healthcare providers can manage their respective medical activities from just one application which can facilitate the patient’s appointments, evaluation, analysis, diagnosis, treatment management, follow-up, invoicing and prescribing to have better controls and maximize your time and resources.  This technology can solve most of the current healthcare provider’s problems as described in the following video: It is an unique and innovative software application which can replace all available individual physician’s software applications, since it handle:  E‐appointments  E‐contraindications verification  Accounting Receivable/Payable  E‐prescriptions  E‐Insurance approvals  E‐Labs: Clinical &Images Labs  RA Government Licensing  Training, Continuous Education and much more, For more information about the CIQABook application for healthcare providers, please read: CIQABook Physician Brochure
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The EHR application connected to all healthcare systems will provide access to all medical services, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories to manage your specific health conditions


The best medical application for the most technological and strict doctors.  Now you can have all appointments, tasks, invoicing and prescribing in one place to maximize your time and resources.


Now, Hospital and clinics can have their own application specifically to manage all hospital activities and resources including emergency room, patients rooms, medicines, schedules, accounting, etc.


The first laboratory information management system designed to control and handle all daily activities of any health laboratory.  In addition, you can keep tracking of all clinical, image or DNA testing for patients, clients from one place. 


A complete solution to manage your pharmacy, including prescriptions, suppliers, inventory control, accounts payable and receivable, but more importantly, you can have more online communication and real link with suppliers and clients.

insurance CO.

The best health insurance application to manage, monitor and control all medical insurance activities automatically. An easy, fast and intelligent solution to take care from one place of all your patients, healthcare providers, etc. 


An unique application designed to manage all manufacturing activities, resources and materials. Now you can be connected directly to your suppliers and clients from one application to keep tracking and accountability of your quality systems as well as all manufacturing business needs.

Public Agencies

Health government agencies can have their own application system dedicated exclusively for them and their daily activities of control, monitoring, permits evaluation, public health benefits administration, etc.  Now,  their systems shall be connected with rest of the healthcare sectors.

R&D Centers

The most versatile and intelligent software application designed to handle and analyze DNA and all health record information on real time directly from the big data source of patients. Fast and easy discovery of new medicines and treatment for catastrophic  diseases.

Close-up Of Hand With Mobile And Smartwatch Showing Heartbeat Rate

Cloud Health Continuous Monitoring

Technology that prevent human errors and support patient's continuous monitoring devices to anticipate and prevent adverse health conditions online.

Global Healthcare Connection and Language

We shall bring unprecedented access to health services to all patients, anytime, anywhere and from any device, regardless of what language they speak, read or hear.
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Firm Affiliates and Partners​

Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations

WTHA is a sustainable non-profit biomedical science organization dedicated to enhance life and reduce illness and disability using technology.  WHTA was founded in Geneva to make research for new treatments, helping people live longer, healthier lives, and building the research foundation that drives discovery. WHTA aims to bring healthcare technology access to the medical data and records interactions in an auditable, transparent and secure way to everyone.

Our Commitment

“Bring free access to the best medical services at affordable cost to everyone.”

Free Cloud SaaS Technology

Your health record on the fly

For the first time, you can have access to your own health record, monitor all your vital signs and manage your medical encounters and appointment

Save everything in a secured place

We offer one of the most secure and private health application in compliance with HIPPA, NIST, etc.

Prescriptions Management

More control of your medicines availability and usage to prevent any contraindication or adverse effect with other medicines that you are using.

Take control over your laboratories and emergencies

Now a system to facilitate the diagnostic interpretation to detect and possible preventable illness or health complication before it show up.


For any inquiries, please contact us:

Phone: 1 787 892 0516 (for english assistance)
Phone: 1 787 487 9235 (para asistencia en espanol)
Address: HC-02 Box 3135 Hormigueros, Puerto Rico 00660
MONDAY TO FRIDAY FROM 08:00 am - 5:00 pm,

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