CIQABook: Total Heathcare Connection

CIQABook is designed to connect all healthcare sectors, supporting the discovery of new pharmaceutical products and innovation in medical devices technologies that emphasize the integration of wireless wearable sensors with human and biological interfaces.

CIQABook Scope

CIQABOOK is designed to serve all healthcare sectors such as: • patients • doctors, • nurses, • pharmacies, • laboratories, • hospitals, • health insurance, • pharmaceutical companies and • public health government agencies.
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the most powerful health Applications for:


The EHR application connected to all healthcare systems will provide access to all medical services, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories to manage your specific health conditions


The best medical application for the most technological and strict doctors.  Now you can have all appointments, tasks, invoicing and prescribing in one place to maximize your time and resources.


Now, Hospital and clinics can have their own application specifically to manage all hospital activities and resources including emergency room, patients rooms, medicines, schedules, accounting, etc.


The first laboratory information management system designed to control and handle all daily activities of any health laboratory.  In addition, you can keep tracking of all clinical, image or DNA testing for patients, clients from one place. 


A complete solution to manage your pharmacy, including prescriptions, suppliers, inventory control, accounts payable and receivable, but more importantly, you can have more online communication and real link with suppliers and clients.

insurance CO.

The best health insurance application to manage, monitor and control all medical insurance activities automatically. An easy, fast and intelligent solution to take care from one place of all your patients, healthcare providers, etc. 


An unique application designed to manage all manufacturing activities, resources and materials. Now you can be connected directly to your suppliers and clients from one application to keep tracking and accountability of your quality systems as well as all manufacturing business needs.

Public Agencies

Health government agencies can have their own application system dedicated exclusively for them and their daily activities of control, monitoring, permits evaluation, public health benefits administration, etc.  Now,  their systems shall be connected with rest of the healthcare sectors.

R&D Centers

The most versatile and intelligent software application designed to handle and analyze DNA and all health record information on real time directly from the big data source of patients. Fast and easy discovery of new medicines and treatment for catastrophic  diseases.

Close-up Of Hand With Mobile And Smartwatch Showing Heartbeat Rate

Cloud Health Continuous Monitoring

Technology that prevent human errors and support patient's continuous monitoring devices to anticipate and prevent adverse health conditions online.

Global Healthcare Connection and Language

We shall bring unprecedented access to health services to all patients, anytime, anywhere and from any device, regardless of what language they speak, read or hear.
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Firm Affiliates and Partners​

Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations

WTHA is a sustainable non-profit biomedical science organization dedicated to enhance life and reduce illness and disability using technology.  WHTA was founded in Geneva to make research for new treatments, helping people live longer, healthier lives, and building the research foundation that drives discovery. WHTA aims to bring healthcare technology access to the medical data and records interactions in an auditable, transparent and secure way to everyone.

Our Commitment

“Bring free access to the best medical services at affordable cost to everyone.”

Free Cloud SaaS Technology

Your health record on the fly

For the first time, you can have access to your own health record, monitor all your vital signs and manage your medical encounters and appointment

Save everything in a secured place

We offer one of the most secure and private health application in compliance with HIPPA, NIST, etc.

Prescriptions Management

More control of your medicines availability and usage to prevent any contraindication or adverse effect with other medicines that you are using.

Take control over your laboratories and emergencies

Now a system to facilitate the diagnostic interpretation to detect and possible preventable illness or health complication before it show up.


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