About the U-Program

What is the U-Program?

The purpose of the U-Program is to boost the career and job opportunities, in Puerto Rico, for new professionals in the aftermaths of Hurricane Maria and the Earthquake(s). This program is designed to bring a valued process excellent education and on-the-job experience to new hire professionals, even students in their last semester. Initially, it consists of intensive classes and education in the CIQA Learning Center. Finally, it includes a workshop with practice in a working experience with coaching in the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices or health information technology field.

What makes this program unique?

It extends the academic background in areas of most demand within the regulated life sciences industries. This initiative develops talented prospects with the technical basic needs of the regulated Life Sciences Industries. The CIQA learning center was developed based on client requirements and in compliance with industry standards. We have multiple opportunities available that allow you to be trained and work anywhere, including from your own home. We offer a comprehensive benefits package, if you complete the program and get selected for a regular job employment. It includes health insurance, vacations, sick days, holidays, recruitment fee, referral fee and much more.

Information you may

Who can apply?

Any engineer, software developer or scientist interested in learn and grow in the FDA regulated industry. To benefit from it, you must:
  • Be graduated or in your last semester before graduation
  • Be on assignment for minimum 12 months
  • Meets performance expectations
  • Engineering, science, computer degree
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
  • Professional and personal growth desire

What do you get?

Our goal is that such training and education will translate into new work opportunities within the regulated industry. As part of this program you can receive:
  • Per-Diem-Diet Reimbursement
  • Recruitment, Productivity and Withholding Bonus
  • CIQA Apartment Acommodation
  • Referral/Sales Bonus
  • Work Place Bonus
  • Social Responsability
  • Networking Forums
  • CIQA Academy Training
  • Access to CIQA Library

What kind of projects will I be working on?

CIQA support a broad range of projects and services. It will on the depends on the needs of our clients. Typical projects depends of your areas of interest and education:
  • Validation Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Process Excellence Engineering
  • Software Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing

Where will I be located?

During the U-Program, you will be located at the CIQA Learning Center in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico for several weeks. After finishing the initial training, you will be located in one of our projects locations in Puerto Rico or US during approximately at least 8 weeks. You will have your own couch and working area with internet connection and access to our library of training, templates, procedures, courses and standards. For additional information you can contact us at email:

Education Training Courses

CIQA Academy offers a variety of technical training depending of your needs to fulfill the industry requirements and professional career. Our instructors will evaluate your profile and provide you with a custom training just for your needs. Our instructors will evaluate your profile and provide you with a custom training just for you, such as:

  • Change Control Management, ICH Q10 -
  • Document Control Management DCM
  • CAPA Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Facilities and Utilities Qualification
  • CSV Computer System Validation
  • Cleanroom Qualification ECA
  • Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification
  • Process Excellence, Lean Manufacturing, 5S & 6 Sigma
  • Cleaning Validation
  • ISO 13485 - Medical Devices-Quality Management
  • Project Management and Risk Management
  • Quality Management System (QMS) - GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Conversational and Technical Writing Training

Look for the right position for you!


We are looking for talented quality, manufacturing or validation engineer with great aptitude, leadership and character to learn and complete an internship with our pharmaceutical and medical devices clients.


We are looking for an self-motivated and creative Social Media Assistant with great aptitude, leadership and character to make an internship with our professional team. It shall be fun, and innovative for your career.


We are looking for a talented software developer with great aptitude, leadership and character to make an internship with our professional team.