Mobile Office Spaces Trailer 1

$8,399.88 / year

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➢ 27 ft long x 8 ft wide
➢ 8 co-working desks of 4 x 3 feet each one.
➢ Open desks and tables ideal for drawings and team work.

Special Price / Year

Regular $16799.96 / Year – 50% Discount


➢ Office space for 6 to 8 persons per trailer
➢ Delivery and Pickup Transportation and setup in your site. $1,100.00 (one time fee)
➢ Optional: Electric Generator 4 Kw, Installed
$7,599.98 per year
➢ Optional: Custom Art Wrap, Four Walls Outside, Installed
$4,499.98 – One Time Fee
➢ 50% discount on annual usage

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