Training Management Procedure Template – Free Sample Download

Training Management procedure template - free download sample


In this article, you will learn how to download and use Training Management Procedure Template to improve the Quality Systems of FDA-regulated companies.

What is a Training Management Procedure Template?

The cGMP training management procedure template is a downloadable document ready to use and customize to handle your company’s needs of employees training as per 21 CFR Part 211.25 and Part 820.25 personnel.  This document is fully editable in MS Word and contains copyright information only authorized to use within your company site.  Another distribution outside your company is prohibited.

Template Document Purpose

This procedure provides instructions for the creation and implementation of training activities. The implementation activities include the delivery, maintenance, evaluation, and storage of training content.  To download a free cGMP training procedure template sample in .pdf format, click here.  

In addition, with it, you can verify that the personnel involved in the company activities are properly trained (certified) in all applicable works to be performed related to GxP. training management procedure template

This procedure brings the requirements for the identification, execution, documentation, and evaluation of the effectiveness of training activities. training management procedure template

Moreover, it shall provide the mechanism to document the training history records of each trained person and register its signature in a signature log.

Template Document Scope  training management procedure template

This procedure applies to all employees that perform any GxP function or responsibilities. These functions include any activity required to accomplish the tasks and duties assigned to the corresponding quality and operations management procedure template

It also applies to any other departments that provide or performs any GxP training (e.g. human resources department) or includes customer services.

Besides, the scope of this procedure cover two (2) different scenarios or groups of training, specifically for:

  1. New Hires Resources -Training Group: This group of training considers the situation in which the resources that start working for the company for the first time must be trained with the necessary information to know and initiate its journey familiarizing with the company culture, its policies, and expected requirements.
  2. Existing Resources – Training Group: This group of training considers the scenario in which the existing personnel that will perform work for the first time must be trained with the specific information to know and execute any GxP tasks assigned. This group of training is divided into two (2) scenarios, either associated with a work order or not:
    • New Training: This group considers the training requirements have never been taken and are necessary to perform any GxP task.
    • Re-Training: This group considers the training requirements that have been taken before, but; maybe refreshed since the last time before performing any current GxP task that even it has been done before, but it needs to be confirmed and documented as re-training.  training management procedure template

Here is the table of contents of the cGMP training management procedure.

cGMP Training Procedure Template SOP index page

To download a free cGMP training procedure template sample in .pdf format, click here.  


  1. We suggest evaluating your current personnel positions and responsibilities to determine which quality management procedures, forms, work instructions, and training requirements are in each area, but, also consider the frequency of re-training.
  2. If you have a small number of employees to be trained, you can initiate a GMP training effort manually using hard paper.  In case you need to create or update your cGMP training procedure, you can use a template procedure to accelerate the process to implement a manual Training Management System.

Get a full template training procedure

Moreover, you can use free software applications to handle your Training Management System QMS necessary.

    • To get a free training management system software application, click here.
Get a free training management system application software
Get a free training management system application software


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