Executive Office for Rent in Puerto Rico. Hormigueros

Leasing office – Ready to Go. 

Pay one price for a fully-furnished office, including furniture, WiFi, utility bills and more.

Elegant coworking space for rent.

All inclusive and customizable.

Establish and increase the size of your business fast.
Add more desk space as you take on new staff.
100% customer satisfaction, call now.

Office Space for Rent

Comfortable and Exclusive coworking spaces in a commercial property for lease in Puerto Rico.
Delivering Office Space, Coworking, Virtual Offices and Much More. Work Where And When You Want With a Range of Workplace Solutions. Tailored Services. 24/7 Access. For Every Budget.

10 x 10 feet private office space for rent with a window view, that can bring trust and confidence to your clients.  One executive desk and three modern chairs included.  Set up included. 

Commercial Property for lease
with Exceptional Services, plug and Play in Puerto Rico.

Choose from our extensive office space, coworking, virtual office locations and meeting rooms.

Get your space today.

A workspace solutions tailored to your business.
Secure leasing office to work immediately with minimum complications.
Everything’s ready-to-go.


Commercial Space for rent monthly.

Select the price that is best for you. More flexibility and options than any other place.
Find workspace in seconds and book on demand by creating a online account. Reserve online now.

Office Space Rental
Special Price
per Month

Regular $1,399.86 / month - 50% Discount
$ 699
per Month
(equivalent to $174.98 per week)
  • Approx 100 sq. ft. office
  • Open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Access to a regular conference room:
    2 days per month (non-accrued)
  • Utilities Fees: $150/month for the first office to cover AAA - AEE & Internet.
    Additional office space will have a $50% discount ($75/mo)
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Fees: $50/month for the first office space.
    Additional office spaces will have a 50% discount ($25/mr)

Establish your Business in Puerto Rico to get extraordinary tax exceptions benefits and incentives.


We can facilite the process to establish your business and office in Puerto Rico to expand your operations and presence in other countries and clients.

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Office for rent in Puerto Rico, Hormigueros. Commercial property for lease.

the best leasing office.

Office for rent in Puerto Rico, Hormigueros. Commercial property for lease.

the best leasing office.