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Since 1996, CIQA provides consulting services related to quality, validation and regulatory compliance.  CIQA has been serving hundreds of clients which include multi-national pharmaceutical/medical devices companies and hospitals regulated by the department of health and human services such as: Johnson and Johnson, Janssen, Ortho Biologics, McNeil, Ethicon, Cordis, LifeScan, Eli Lilly, Baxter, Abbott, Pfizer, Stryker, Zimmer, Fenwal, Integra, Medtronic, Covidient, Abbie, Hospital San Lucas, etc.

 The CIQA was founded in Puerto Rico to serve the local and international clients.  This growing company operates in a green building of 8,000 sq. ft facility equipped located in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico with the most advanced technology, security and redundancy for a full business continuity in compliance with ISO 22301.  Contact us for more information.

Critical Industry Supplier Certified by PRIDCO

CIQA has been certified as a critical industry supplier by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury and Department of Economic Development (DDEC). Qualified clients of CIQA may be eligible to claim credits against their taxes according to PR Act No.154 of 2010.


Our mission is to Integrate pharmaceutical bioinformatic sciences with the IT Artificial Intelligence innovations to create unprecedented medical care technologies specially to sick and disadvantaged people. Moreover, we aim to improve the healthcare by leading the research, development and implementation of innovative applications related to new biomedical technologies.


Provide the most complete, versatile and cost effective software application to manage all quality systems of the FDA-regulated companies around the world and bring the best customer service and support in areas of software customization, implementation, validation and regulatory compliance to support our clients to help hospitals, doctors, and health care professionals to impart a better quality of life to each patient.

What Makes CIQA Different? Unique?

We are pioneers creating applications to bring immediate access to medical services at affordable rates, consolidating all hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurance, manufacturers, government agencies and R&D centers, to manage:

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Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical Devices Companies
Food Beverages Companies
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Meet Some CIQA Clients

CIQA Management Team

Founders and Management Representatives

Elsa Roldan


Bachelor Degree in Medical Technology from the Interamerican University. Executive Controller and Finance Accounting Officer with over 29 years of experience history working in different business management responsibilities. Skilled in cost savings and reductions, maximizing resources and materials, business administration, audits, fraud investigations on business bank reconciliations, etc.  Born in New York. Speak English and Spanish.

Ramon Cayuela


Bachelor and Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.  Over 29 years of working experience in different healthcare industries and sectors. Skilled in Quality Assurance, Validation, Business Administration, Research and Development (R&D) of new medicines and treatments, Software Development, Audits, Investigations (CAPA), Regulatory Compliance, etc. USA and European citizen. Speak English and Spanish.

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CIQA Validation Services, Staffing Agency, Datalogger Rental, Office Rent, Bridal Salon Rent, Office Trailer Rental, Rent Center, Climate Controlled Storage, Kaye Validator 2000 rental and more in Puerto Rico.