Validation Equipment RentaL IN PUERTO RICO

Rent calibrated validation equipment on a weekly or monthly basis.  Contact us for specific requirements on environmental monitoring, ovens, sterilizers, laboratory chambers, etc.

You can place your order online and receive the equipment configured to your door in 24 hours.


Enjoy a 100% customer satisfaction, or money back of your investment guaranteed on 30 days.

Validation Equipment Rental in Puerto Rico?

GMP Instrument Rental

Renting test & measurement equipment from CIQA is a quick and convenient way to reduce cost and maintenance without having to purchase a unit. Because of the high cost and application-specific functionality equipment, companies and individuals often find it more cost effective to rent the right instrument for their immediate intended use. CIQA brings a wide range of validation equipment rental, including premier units from industry leaders.

Why rent from CIQA?

Here's a few things you should know about why are we the best option for you in validation equipment rental:

Recommendations to Avoid Mistakes Selecting the Correct
Validation Equipment Rental in Puerto Rico.

We suggest evaluating all your requirements and needs to use temperature data loggers, but, also consider the frequency of use monthly, and how fast you need them on-site for your validation study.

So, you can determine if is better to buy or rent them based on the expertise and time availability of your employees to configure and prepare the trending graphs and summary statistical reports on time.

Before buy, consider the cost of the data loggers, but, also the cost of the calibration and its lead time. Evaluate and compare the total costs and lead times, against the costs to rent data loggers already calibrated. If you are NOT using temperature data loggers frequently, consider a fast CIQA rental of the calibrated data loggers required for the thermal study.

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