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Most of our job opportunities are subject to candidate’s acceptance by our customers. Postings represent current or projected future opportunities in Puerto Rico. Since 1992, we are continuously searching for qualified individuals with the highest ethical standards for outstanding career development.  

Why is this job opportunity in Puerto Rico so different FOR YOUR CAREER?

  • Boost your career to a new levels of expertise.
  • Learn and share knowledge with other experienced professionals.
  • Increase your potential and leadership working in high relevance assignments.
  • Stay in touch with new technologies and top notch discoveries in the sciences and engineering.
  • Valued exposure to key areas of computer system validation, equipment qualification, CAPA investigations, and others.

What they say about this job opportunity?

Join the U-Program!

If you are looking for the first job opportunity in Puerto Rico, the U-program is intended to bring the necessary training and workshops. We specialize in the areas of science, validation, engineering, information technology and digital marketing.
U-Program Employee's Feedback:


The U-Program is an innovative alternative designed to expose recent graduate professionals. It includes new high level of training in process excellence and practical experiences in the quality system regulations and validation engineering.


The purpose of the U-Program is to boost the technological job opportunities, for new professionals in the aftermaths of Hurricane Maria, Earthquake(s), COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters.


This program is intended to help in the education and training of talented prospects in the areas of science, technology and engineering. Our goal is that such education can promote and facilitate new working opportunities for prospects within the CIQA clients in the regulated industry. The U-Program consists of two (2) parts.


The first step is a job opportunity of approximately four (4) weeks of intensive trainings and courses.  This part will be led by CIQA Inc and its affiliates companies.  This part can be reduced or extended some days depending of the learning capabilities of the prospect and other factors.

During the first four (4) weeks of education, CIQA shall provide a comprehensive training in the field of QA, Regulatory Compliance, Validation and Process Excellence to cover the most important concepts in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.


Finally, you can have a job opportunity of eight (8) weeks of practice in the medical devices or pharmaceutical industry.  This part will be performed at the CIQA client’s site to collaborate through the prospect’s real practice period and provide personalized coaching as necessary. This part can be reduced or extended some days depending of the performance of the prospect and other factors.

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