Manufacturing Speed Determination according to Lean Manufacturing

How to Calculate Manufacturing Speed


In this article, you will learn what is the manufacturing speed and how to calculate it correctly according to lean manufacturing techniques and activities. The manufacturing speed is also called production speed, line speed, product speed, etc.

Manufacturing Speed  [units per minute], Definition

The manufacturing speed is defined as the number of production units, activities, or items assembled, completed, or done per minute on each process line, machine, or business unit.

    • The speed is a key metric of each manufacturing operation and business unit.
    • It is one of the important metrics to improve your manufacturing process.

Types of Manufacturing Speed

In fact, exist many terms and ways to measure the line speed, depending on your intention and the specific information you are looking for.

Some of the most common terms used to measure the production speed are:

    • takt time,
    • cycle time,
    • Throughput,
    • process time,
    • target cycle time,
    • effective cycle time,
    • line takt, and many more.

Since the terminology about line speed is not standardized, it has potential confusion, we shall explain in this article some of them!

Takt time Definition

The takt time is the most common term to estimate the manufacturing speed, also called customer takt.

The customer takt is the available work time divided by the customer demand during this time.

Customer Takt = Available Work Time / Customer Demand during available Work Time

The takt time is the average time between customer orders.

The customer can place orders randomly and erratically.manufacturing speed

It can be calculated the takt for a single process or an entire manufacturing system.

But keep in mind that the takt time considers the losses!

This is important to determine if your production line is able to satisfy the customer demand.

Cycle Time Definition

The cycle time is similar to the takt measured in time/part.

However, the cycle time does not include losses! manufacturing speed

It is the fastest repeatable time in which you can produce one part.

It is the theoretical or ideal time necessary per part if everything goes perfect, having no problems, breakdowns, quality defects, or other losses.

Cycle times are usually measured for individual processes, but you can also calculate a system or line cycle time for an entire system.

Throughput Definition

The throughput is the inverse of the takt time, normally used for actual or target production, and only rarely for the customer demand.

Throughput= Parts Produced during available Work Time / Available Work Time

The throughput includes losses and it is measured as parts/time. manufacturing speed

Lead Time Definition

The lead time is the time necessary for a single part to go through the entire process or system.

Inventory = Throughput x Lead Time

      • Inventory, measured, for example, in units or quantity
      • Throughput, measured in units or quantity per time
      • Lead Time, measured in time

The lead time is important if you want to know if you can deliver on time. manufacturing speed

Instead, the takt/cycle times are important if you want to know if you can produce enough.

For example, If the cycle time is acceptable but the lead time is not, then you will have enough products but too late.

On the other hand, if the lead time is acceptable but the cycle time is not, you will build up unprocessed orders which increases your lead time, and hence you will have neither enough nor on time.

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