What Is Not Data Integrity in Document Management?

What Is Not Data Integrity


In this article, you will learn what is not Data Integrity Management System and what is the difference between data quality and data security according to ALCOA and the FDA requirementsMoreover, you can discover how to get a Document Management Procedure Template and Document Management Software Application to handle your GMP records activities fast and easily.

Let’s start with what is “data integrity”.  It means the degree to which data are complete, consistent, accurate, trustworthy, and reliable and that these characteristics of the data are maintained to support the quality of drug products throughout their life-cycle from the point of development through commercialization.

Then, what data integrity isn’t.

With so much talk about data integrity, it’s easy for the true meaning to be muddled.

Often data security and data quality are incorrectly substituted for data integrity, but each term has a distinct meaning.

Data integrity is not data security.

Data security is the collection of measures taken to keep data from getting corrupted. It incorporates the use of systems, processes, and procedures that keep data inaccessible to others who may use it in harmful or unintended ways. Breaches in data security may be small and easy to contain or large and cause significant damage.

While it is concerned with keeping the information intact and accurate for the entirety of its existence, the goal of data security is to protect information from outside attacks. Data security is but one of the many facets of data integrity. Data security is not broad enough to include the many processes necessary for keeping data unchanged over time.

Data integrity is not data quality.

Does the data in your database meet company-defined standards and the needs of your business? Data quality answers these questions with an assortment of processes that measure your data’s age, relevance, accuracy, completeness, and reliability.

Much like data security, data quality is only a part of data integrity, but a crucial one. It encompasses every aspect of data quality and goes further by implementing an assortment of rules and processes that govern how data are entered, stored, transferred, and much more.

At CIQA, we can help you in technological aspects of achieving Data Integrity as well as the regulations (FDA, PDA, etc) for achieving data integrity compliance.

ALCOA is used by regulated industries to evaluate its compliance with data integrity and is essential to ensuring Document Control Management (DCM) and Good Documentation Practices (GDPs).

ALCOA applies to paper and electronic data.  For more information about ALCOA for electronic records, press here.

For more information questions and answers about Data Integrity and Compliance With Drug CGMP Guidance for Industry press here.

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For more details on specific FDA expectations, follow us.

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