How to Identify Milestones Versus Roadblocks in Lean Manufacturing

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In this article, you will learn how to identify milestones versus roadblocks in lean manufacturing activities.

What is a Milestone?

A milestone is a flag mark like a pole or sign that determines an important change or stage in the road or path of your project.

It is a particular point in time in a project. Normally, a milestone is used to determine the key or critical steps in the progress of a project. Examples of milestones can be:

  • The beginning and end dates for project phases.
  • The management approval or input,
  • Financial and budget checks,
  • Critical deliverable, and much more.

A milestone is considered as a management tool to define a point in a project schedule.  These poles or points mark the start and end of a major phase of work. Milestones can be used to symbolize a task that has started or finished.  It is most typically used in project management software, and are represented as diamonds in the Gantt chart feature.

milestones versus roadblocks

Sometimes milestones may have a fixed date but no duration. Sometimes they are reference points that may describe the distance or duration of a particular task.  A milestone may have the potential to be converted into a roadblock if it is not handled properly.

What is a Roadblock?

Roadblocks are the biggest challenges that one needs to face while working on a project.

These are issues that we need to overcome in order to complete a project effectively.

Roadblocks are situations or events that can halt or stop the project’s progress.

For example, it can include lack of budget, products or materials not available, etc.

This can result in deadlines not accomplished.  Sometimes, roadblocks may stop the crew because the resources are not available for the time that needs it.

How to Identify Milestones and Roadblocks

To define roadblocks in your projects, start by asking the following questions:

  • What events will prevent the accomplishment of the established milestones?
  • What events should delay or stop the process to complete the goals?
  • Are there any obstacles in the future to may halt working how you want?
  • Are there any potential issues that may hold back the project?

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