What is the percent to quota PTQ to measure goal’s accomplishments?

What is Percent to Quota PTQ?


In this article, you will learn what is the percent to quota PTQ and how to calculate it as a metric to reach your objectives related to lean manufacturing activities.e

What is Percent to Quota PTQ?

A measuring metric used to determine how effective a person or group was able to accomplish a pre-assigned task or goal.

It is calculated by dividing the accomplished figure assigned to each production unit or operator by the required minimum amount or target figure for a specified period (month, quarter, year).

The calculated PTQ may be expressed either in dollar figures (monetary terms) or in the number of goods produced or services provided (volume terms).  An example of quota is the number of finished products that an operator accomplished divided by the expected (quota) amount of product assigned that he was supposed to complete each shift or hour.

The % percent to quota can be calculated using the following formula:


% Completion

                                                 _______________                                        _     

(Now Date – Start Date) / (Expected Completion Date – Start Date)


How to interpret the Percent to Quota PTQ?

It is an extraordinary mechanism to measure the performance of any process, activity or job.

The percent to quota is a normalized value that allows you to compare different outputs in terms of compliance with the due date and the expected results in a quantitative manner.

For example,

If the %PTQ value is equal to 100% means that the person reached the expected goal or assigned task on-time.

If the %PTQ value is below 100% means that the person could NOT reach the assigned goal on the expected time. So the completion is late.

Finally, if the %PTQ value is greater than 100% means that the goal was reached before the expected due date.  In other words, the job was completed before the end date.

How to Calculate the Percent to Quota PTQ?

You can calculate the PTQ using the following formula in MS Excel.

how to calculate percent to quota
how to calculate percent to quota


Percent To Quota Formula in MS Excel:

IIf([Start]>Now() And [% Complete]>0,100+[% Complete],IIf([Start]>now() And [% Complete]=0,100,IIf(Now()=[Start],100,IIf(now()>[Finish],[% Complete],[% Complete]*([Finish]-[Start])/(Now()-[Start])))))


Percent To Quota Workflow:

What is percent to quota PTQ
What is the percent to quota PTQ?


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